Blogging – My first real post…

So my sister has been maintaining a consistent professional blog. She doesn’t update it nearly enough, but it’s always entertaining and informative. Giving thought about what to include in a professional blog of my own has been somewhat difficult.

I’ve seen other DJs that have included a post about each one of the couples that they work for either before or after their event. While I think it’s great to let the outside world know a little about what I am doing, I’m not so sure that the outside world needs to know about the couples and the details about their events.

This is however a great place to showcase photo’s from various events and information about the great vendors in this community. I’m also going to write about the wedding world as I see it and hopefully add some helpful tips along the way. I’m constantly reading about new and exciting things in the wedding industry. I’ll try to share as much of that as possible.


A bit about the new website…

I’ve tried to pour as much of myself and my company into this site. Hopefully potential couples will find it useful and informative. If you’re ever looking for something more or something not included, PLEASE let me know. I’ve got a wealth of knowledge that I’m more than willing to share regarding the wedding industry and I know a whole bunch of professionals who are also ready to help.

Welcome to the new home of McMahon Entertainment Online!

Hello and welcome to the new home of McMahon Entertainment online.

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