Questions you should ask your potential DJ


We know you’ve got questions of your own but these are something things that we think are super important to get the answers to.

How long have you been a DJ?

Nothing replaces experience. You want a DJ that has seen almost everything and knows how to react at your event. If you’re booking a wedding a great follow up question is “How many weddings have you performed at?” It’s important to find out the total number and how many they’ve recently performed at. They may have done thousands of weddings in the 80s and we love Michael Jackson, but if they haven’t done a wedding in twenty plus years, are they going  to make the best DJ?

May we speak to your references?

This question has the ability to separate the men from the boys (or women from girls?). Are there couples that you can speak with about your DJ? Online reviews are a great place to start too, but nothing replaces actually talking to someone who has experienced a performance. Other vendors also provide great references too as they may be more unbiased. Check out some of the vendors we love!

How many songs do you have in your library?

It’s hard to say that 20,000 or 50,000 songs or more or less is the right amount, but you’ll know that you need to reconsider if your DJ comes with their favorite 500 songs. With the ability to illegally download music, it’s also important to ask how they keep their library updated. There are specific companies like Top Hits U.S.A and Promo Only among many others that cater specifically to the Mobile DJ market and paid subscriptions to current and updated music. Their quality is also impeccable!

 Are you flexible? (this isn’t a yoga question!)

A Professional DJ should be experienced and able to perform and play at almost any event with any type of people. Their library should be extensive and they should have something for just about everyone. You’re paying for the DJ right? This means it’s your event and you should have the control over what is played and sometimes more importantly, what isn’t played. If your DJ insists on playing off his playlist instead of yours, you should reconsider. If you want, they should be able to take requests too!

Do you carry insurance?

Mobile Entertainers Insurance is relatively inexpensive so there really is no excuse for DJs not to have it. Some venues will require the DJ to present their insurance information before the event.

Will your attire be suitable for the event?

Believe it or not, we’ve worn Hawaiian shirts to weddings and tuxedos to graduation parties, of course it wasn’t our idea. You’re hiring the DJ and as a professional, they should have choices for you and your fiance to choose from. They should be dressed any way you want them to be. Flashy tux? Hawaiian shirts? Simple suit and tie? You name it!

Do you provide a contract?

Contracts are like security blankets. Who doesn’t want some protection? This is more than how much are you paying for which date. Do you know who your DJ is going to be? Check to find out what happens if your DJ becomes seriously ill or is unable to make it to your event. Make sure you read it carefully and ask questions. A Professional DJ will have a contract.

Do you use professional equipment?

Most DJs love to talk about their equipment. The DJs I know are also techies and it becomes a game of acquiring the best possible equipment and building the best possible system to provide the best possible musical experience. You may not know the brands they perform with or the words they’re using but they should be proud of their equipment and excited for you to hear it. Ask about a wireless microphone! The best photos from your special night could be of you and your Maid of Honor and Best Man toasting. Would you want them to be across the room, restricted by a microphone cable?


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